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Joining A Game

To play a multiplayer game, all players must have the host's IP address - the number the internet uses to identify your computer. The following is an example of an IP address: 123.321.231.12 or:

Your Detected IP is-

If you are going to be joining a game, you should write down the host's IP - you will need to type it in.
To help get more players you need to schedule a game,the best place to do that is here.
Make sure before you schedule a game,that your timezone settings are correct in your forum preferences

1. The official way to join a game:

To join a game first make sure you are online and be sure that the host has been given enough time to get the server running. Open Airfix Dogfighter. When the menu loads, click on the telephone with the tag that says "Multiplayer" and the multiplayer window opens up.Click on the "Address Book" tab. Put your mouse cursor over the field that says "New address". Now type in the IP address of the server - be sure to write it down exactly, with the "." between each set of numbers or words (something like or 123.321.231.12). Then click on the "Add" button. and the number you just typed in will appear highlighted in the window to the left and should add into the Address window(one problem with this method is that if the game crashes or you get bumped from a host player's computer, this list can disappear- but don't worry about that now. Just add the addresses you need using the method just described). Now go to the AFD Multiplayer menu, click on the tab at the top that says "Join Game", and wait for the host's game details to appear in the available servers list (they may already be there Very Happy ). If after a while nothing has happened, try hitting the "Refresh List" button, maybe 2 or 3 times. When the server details appear, click the "Join Game" button at the bottom of the window and you should be in - If not, don't panic, shut down the game, start it again and go to method 2:

2. Using the "Console":

Go to Multiplayer game from the Main Menu.Type Hacker and listen for the interesting sound effect. This screen is the "Console".
Delete the "r" of Hacker and type "join ip address" e.g. join (or other active server name or numerical IP address)
- the IP address of the host computer. That's all you have to type- join[space][IPaddress].Press Enter.
Your machine should start loading info from the server and the game should start.
If you have to try these methods more than once, it is best to shut down the game and start afresh.

Some screenshots of the console method below

console screenshot   console screenshot   console screenshot   console screenshot


When there are a lot of players trying to join the game at the same time, the host server may crash. If the game you are trying to join keeps disappearing and then reappearing its probably because of this. Join the chatroom when this happens as queuing (taking turns to join the active game) prevents this from happening.

Hosting a game on your PC:

To host a game, it will be necessary to allow Airfix Dogfighter access through your firewall via port 19400
It is advisable to get your own static IP address at so that you have the same ip address for future games. You will need to download a small program onto your computer to update your IP. You will need to run this whenever you wish to host.

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