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Please read the rules and registration requirements before entering the Forum
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Registration Requirements

Post by KamikazFu » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:13 pm

Welcome to the Airfix Dogfighter Forum!

In order to see our forums you must register. You will require a valid email address, as an email will be sent to you during the registration process.

Once registered...

Before you can use the shoutbox, or read the forum, you must start a topic in the introductions forum and introduce yourself.

:!: Do Not add a signature or a website in your profile until your Introduction has been approved :!:

if you do you will be banned.

Minimum requirements:

:arrow: your name or nickname
:arrow: how long you've played ADF
:arrow: where you got the game
:arrow: where are you in the world

It does not have to be a complete autobiography, but just a short hello isn't really enough..

The post will need to be approved by a forum admin before it is visible.

Please Note: Don't just type "hi", or "hello", this is not enough information.

If you need help with any aspect of the game , please search the board for your answers to your problem first, and start a new topic in the General Airfix Dogfighter Discussion forum if you can't find the answer you are looking for. Please don't use the Introductions forum for your question.

If you do not post an Introduction message within 7 days of registering, your account will be deleted

Also, once registered, you may receive a verification PM (Private message - see the top of this screen)
- this is sent to some new members to verify that they are not Spammers or 'bots', but genuine Airfix Dogfighter players!

If you receive one of these pms You have 4 days to reply/answer to this message.
If we don't receive news from you after 4 days,
your new membership will be removed automatically!

This action is necessary due to an excessive number of spam member entries in the last months!
You will need to reply to this message with more information about yourself.

1. Your name and player ID

2. Country and town where you are located

3. Your reason for joining the Airfix Dogfighter forum

-In a PM to the Main Site Administrator KamikazFu

Welcome to our excellent gaming community!

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