Airfix Dogfighter

The Console

The console and console commands

Ziggomorphic has produced a table of console commands that can be entered during the game by typing "hacker" to bring up the console. The console is useful for programmers as the game engine interprets commands and acts like an 'immediate' window in most programming IDEs. Intructions are executed a line at a time. Most of the commands do not have a description so if you find out what a command does feel free to email me and i'll add it to the table.

Command Parameter(s) (type) Description
list key bindings
bind <key> "<name of action>" adds binding to list
calc_fog ?
prints speed and position of the camera relative to player
camera <speed> <x-offset> <y-offset> <z-offset> (float, separated by whitespaces) moves the camera to specified position relative to player
speed: when 0, stops the camera in place
x-offset: values >0 move to left
y-offset: values >0 move up
z-offset: values >0 move to front
cd_play <title number> (integer) plays the required track on the CD currently in the first drive
stops playback
screen goes blank, undo with open_screen
console_changefont <font name> (string) changes the console font, any font name from '\Graphics\Fonts' works
sets controls to default values
erases all key bindings
saves current control settings(untested)
exec <batch file name> executes batch file(untested)
prints 3 integer values
fog_color3 integer numbers, divided by whitespaces sets fog color??!
fov <percentage of original field of view> (integer) increases/decreases the field of view: value >100 is wide angle, <100 zoomes in
give <pickup name> (string) gives player a pickup(only in missions), for names see \Graphics\Models subfolder names beginning with 'pu'
give_medal <medal name> (string) gives player a medal(only in missions), for names see \Graphics\Frontend\pilotRoster
give_techlevel <tech level number> (integer 1-4) gives player tech level upgrade(only in missions)
glowbox one of none, active, all switches glowing boxes around no, active(planes and vehicles), or all(plus furniture) 3D elements ('active' very useful to spot ennemies from far, even through walls)
switch god mode(only missions), same as cheat 'hybris'
prints information on active objects (including players) and their armament
join <server address> (Ip?) join game on server(untested)
ends the game in mission mode
prints a list of materials?!
same as info
prints a list of loaded samples(including paths)
prints a table with info on servers(like 'join' tab in main menu)
prints a list of currently playing sounds
prints a list of loaded textures
list_types prints a list of loaded types
load_language <language file name without .up extension> (string) changes the interface language, needs the *.up file in the main game directory
log <filename> (string) starts logging console output to a textfile in the main game directory
stops console logging
log_play ?
log_record ?
log_stop ?
menu exits to the main menu
message “<message>“ (string) sends a multiplayer message
missionrestart restarts a mission
mode needs two arguments, map and mission(untested)
mouseinvert ?
mouseview ?
msgwin ?
open_screen reverses the close_screen operation
quit exits AFD
restart restarts AFD (from graphics driver selection)
screen ?
screenshot makes a screenshot(same as 'print'-key)
server starts a server, doesn't work alone, screen just goes blank
set/sets prints the list of environment variables and their values
set/sets <env_var_name> <value> sets environment variables, some of which take effect immediately(camouflage, stickers, cameras) see user.ini for some examples
shadows ?
show_*-options: call with argument 1/0 to turn them on/off ?
show_debug shows debug info in upper left corner (one's the current frame rate, the others I don't know)
show_events prints events to the console
show_lods ?
show_normals shows normal vectors of interactive object, looks like a porcupine party!
show_rate shows framerate and milliseconds/refresh in upper right corner
show_sound how do they do that??;-)
show_timer shows some timing information in the upper left corner
shutdown exits AFD
skin <name> (string) change the camouflage of the plane, valid names depend on plane model, check camouflage tab on multiplayer start dialog
sky_speed ?
spawn makes player spawn
status shows the status window
sticker has something to do with 'skin'
thirdperson ?
time_scale <some value> (integer) setting this to 0 in missions makes even WinXP hang ;-)
togglecamera toggles camera views
type ?
unbind ?
upload ?
where prints the current position(including room name) of the player and his camera
zclip_far <distance> (float) sets maximum distance at which objects are still displayed
zclip_near <distance> (float)sets minimum distance at which objects are still displayed

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