Airfix Dogfighter


These cheats below can add several things to the game . Try them out on the single player missions - they do not work in Multiplayer.

In game cheats

Type these codes whilst playing the game to activate the cheats:
Code Result
hybris God Mode - your plane is invincible
hefaistos All Weapons
athena Your plane has the highest tech level
admiral Get all the medals
autopilot Your plane is put on autopilot
racerwagenA small buggy appears which you can drive around
slomo Slow Motion
birgeroco Faster
hades Lose Mission

Mission selection screen cheat

Type this code at the mission selection screen to activate the cheat function:
Code Result
prometheus All the missions are available to play

Front view cheat

This cheat will move the camera in front of your plane, making only the propellar visible for the player. The camera movement does not work very well though and sometimes shows a view from the plane which makes flying near impossible. If you can manage to keep the camera pointing straight infront, it is a very challenging way of playing the game. To activate it open the 'user.ini' file in the Airfix Dogfighter installation folder on your hard disk and add the following line: bind X "camera 1 0 0 -0,001" ,where X is the key on the keyboard you want to use to change the view. It takes some skill to be able to fly like that.

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